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Dolphins (MIA) vs Ravens(BAL) NFL Preseason 2017

Dolphins (MIA) vs Ravens(BAL) NFL Preseason 2017

Brian Billick Previews Preseason 2 vs. Miami Dolphins
The former Ravens head coach will be back in the broadcast booth for the team’s second preseason game, and he’ll keep an eye on how some newcomers do in their first game and how Ryan Mallett operates with more weapons around him.
As we mentioned last week, Act 1 of a classic three-part play, or in our case, the first preseason game, was all about identifying and perhaps meeting for the first time the key characters that will play a role in the remaining production.

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We were able to do that with solid rookie performances from Tyus Bowser, Jaylen Hill and Tim White (now out for the season with an injury). We reintroduced you to key Ravens veterans like Terrell Suggs, Brandon Williams and Eric Weddle. We met new veterans like Brandon Carr and Tony Jefferson and we watched a new, albeit unfinished, offensive line unit. There were also some key characters to the 2017 season that were noticeably absent from the script … as is the case with most NFL teams during the first preseason game.

In Week 2, we may get our first glimpse of newcomers Jeremy Maclin, Danny Woodhead and, possibly, first-round pick Marlon Humphrey, as well as the recently signed Austin Howard. But also in Week 2 is when we transition from Act 1 and roll into the second act of the play, in which the key characters find themselves in a troubling situation and have to solve their way out of it.

In the case of the Ravens, this could mean any number of things … some of which have already started to play out. Is Ryan Mallett a viable backup? Do we have the right combination of offensive linemen? Can our backfield handle the needed workload? Do we have enough weapons outside to threaten a defense down the field? Can we rush the passer opposite Terrell Suggs? How will the new parts of the defensive secondary fit together?